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7' - "Coca-Cola Red" blank with burl mix cork and ebony butt cap, under wraps with vintage Holland thread
7' Shikari MH blank - Blue and silver optical box wrap. Blue aluminum Pac-bay channel lock reel seat with blue splash butt cap, blue
camo EVA grips, REC Recoil guides.
This rod is a 7'0" CTS Tournament Elite in cobalt blue. It has a blue swirl painted Fuji reel seat, a bocote wood butt cap, and bocote
wood inlays in the grip. The hook keeper is a REC recoil, and the guides are Fuji SIC Titaniums trimmed with multiple trim bands.
The rod is labeled "Trophy Trout Topwater Special", and the wrap is blue and green chevrons over vintage Holland underwrap.
Rainshadow RX8 XSB843 - Split grips are CG1 cork with spalted maple trim. Split skeleton reel seat, spiral recoil guides.
Cobalt blue CTS blank, Fuji soft-touch reel seat, removable balancer butt, blue/goldenrod faded chevrons, REC recoil guides
Three piece travel rod built on a maroon ATC travel blank. Soft-touch seat, recoil guides, maroon and white tiger wrap
This rod was built as a tribute to the customers adopted daughter from China. The butt is bamboo with an inlaid pewter yin-yang. The Chinese lettering is his
daughter's name, the tiger is his Chinese zodiac sign, and the BAT is his initials.
"Remember the Alamo" 6'0" pistol grip topwater rod