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Rod Pricing

For rods 7' or less - The retail cost of all of the components, plus $150 labor charge
For rods greater than 7' add $20 for each additional foot. (ex. a 10' blank would be $210 labor)

For custom turned cork grips, the cost is $2.75 per ring in any combination of colors and sizes (Natural, Burl, Burnt,
*I only use CG-1 natural cork, which does not require cork filler. Cherry-picked flawless cork rings are available
upon request and are priced at $4.50 per ring*

There is an upgrade charge for any custom made decorative items. The standard upgrade pricing is:

- Prickly pear cactus butt grip -                                  $25 per inch
- Wood/resin mixed butt grip -                                  $25 per inch
- Wood butt grip -                                                   call to discuss type of wood and availability
- Butt cap inlays -                                                    $40 + the cost of the inlaid item
- Wood or acrylic grip trim rings -                              $10 per ring
- Marbled epoxy finish -                                           $5 per inch
- Snake skin                                                            $5 per inch - may be more, depending on snake species

Tiger wrap - $5 per inch
Open cross wrap - $8 per inch, minimum 3" - certain patterns may be more, depending on complexity
Closed cross wrap - $10 per inch, minimum 5" - certain patterns may be more, depending on complexity
Guide trim wraps - $2 per trim wrap
Length marker wraps - $3 per marker wrap

Any custom items not listed above will need to be discussed and priced separately.

Retail pricing for factory components is determined by www.Mudhole.com
Texas tax and shipping additional


I am a bit of a perfectionist, and in order to produce the best quality product, it takes time. If you have a deadline
that must be met, please let me know when you place your order and get your deposit to me several months in
advance. All rods are built on a first-come, first-served basis.

Think of your rod as you would a trophy catch going to a taxidermist. I do my best work when I'm not rushed. That
being said, I try to get all of my orders out in a reasonable amount of time. I will give an estimated delivery date,
and will make every effort to deliver on or before that date.