"One of a Kind, One at a Time"
Nice Catch!Blog
This page is to show some of my favorite catches and to introduce you to my fishing partner,
Page 2 is to show some of the fish caught on Coastal Bend rods.

If you don't get anything else from this site, remember the golden rules of fishing:

You can’t catch a fish if your bait isn’t in the water. Cast!!
You must have confidence in your bait and your gear!

Sounds easy enough, right? Do it and I guarantee you'll catch more fish!!
Here's some of my favorite shots of my fishing buddy, Cabo. If there's any lonely German Shorthair Pointer females out there, he's an eligible bachelor!
6lb+ Flatties - Back to back
casts in Port Mansfield
42" Rooster - Slow trolling livies in P. Vallarta
He's hanging on my wall now
Surfside Kingfish
Lake Buchanan Striper
23" Snook - Skitterwalk in South Bay
Springtime on LBJ
My brother, Keith - 1st bass on the new
The mighty Muskellunge
Cameron Lake, Canada
52" Ling - Surfside '08
Mike's 1st Tarpon - Mansfield Jetties
My 1st Tarpon - Mansfield Jetties
I'm not much of a fly fisherman, but I pulled out
my Lefty Kreh skills on this massive bull dorado!
Tripletail - Surfside '08
Black drum sight casted in Port
Mansfield w/ a white cocahoe
Flats slam with Rachel in Laguna Nichupte, Cancun - The snook got pegged by a 6' shark in 12" of water right after we released it!!
Me and Keith with a
Zihuatanejo sailfish. It was
hooked deep and didn't
survive the fight
Pacific Sailfish, Quepos, Costa Rica
Dad with a SPI tarpon. How's that for some
pretty surf?