"One of a Kind, One at a Time"
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Your rod can be built on any blank you like. If you're not sure, I can make a recommendation based
on your fishing style and your budget. Whether you're wading, cranking, live baiting, jigging, drop
shotting, trolling, or anything in between, I can match you up with a technique specific blank for that
perfect feel. Some of my favorites lately are Rainshadow, CTS, Phenix, and OTI.
Custom Options
Reel Seats
I can get all of the latest seats from Fuji, Pacific Bay, Batson, Stuart, Struble, and Castaway.
Materials range from graphite to aluminum and titanium. I can also order custom painted Fuji
seats and cobra finish graphite seats. These are just a few samples of what's out there.  
I offer a full range of guides from Fuji, Pacific Bay, REC Recoil, Winthrop, Aftco, American
Tackle, and Alps. I prefer to underwrap the guides when it's practical and secure them with
locking wraps. Guides can be placed in conventional, new concept, or spiral style. Right
now, I really like the Fuji Titaniums with SIC rings. I have also been using alot of REC
Recoils. For ultimate sensitivity, try spiral wrapped titanium micro guides.
Thread Art
The thread wraps on your rod can make it truly unique and special. An intricate butt wrap
showcases the meticulous attention to detail that went into your new rod. Your wraps can be
made in any color combination including metallic and glow threads. I can do many variations
of crosswraps including Texas and U.S. flags, diamonds, chevrons, split chevrons, fades,
scales, snowflakes, optical boxes, and fish. I also do the very unique and striking "tiger"
wraps that you won't find on any production rod. I use mostly Gudebrod and Madiera thread,
and I use Threadmaster products for finish.
Custom Components
Using a high speed lathe, exotic wood can be custom turned to make your rod truly one of a kind.
In addition, coins, bone, shell, horn, ivory, acrylic, stone, amber, or metal can also be worked into
the grip assembly. You can also have your name, your boat name, or almost any logo laser
engraved into wood or aluminum components. In addition, you can have almost any logo or
graphic turned into a full color or metallic/clear decal. If you have an idea for your dream rod,
contact me and I'll do my best to make it happen. More pictures coming soon......
When you invest in a custom rod, make it a true custom. When you order a Coastal Bend rod, you
have the option to customize every single aspect of the rod. If you can imagine it, I'll do my best to
make it happen!

Many rod makers advertise that they "only use the best components". Well, what are the best
components? How can you be sure you're really getting the best setup for the fishing that
doing? The answer is to work with a builder who understands your needs and who keeps an
active line of communication every step of the way.
Nice Catch!Blog